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February 27, 2024

Gift of Life: Clean Water, Lasting Change

Muslim Hands
Gift of Life: Clean Water, Lasting Change

In Punjab, Pakistan, Muhammad Ameer, 50, a laborer and a father of nine, walked long distances in search of clean water, only to return home with water that posed severe health risks. Contaminated dirty water that made children and adults sick.

In their mud-brick home shared by eight members, each day brought new trials.  The family managed to balance survival with their financial struggles and crowded living conditions.

They lived day by day, clinging onto hope.


Families often travel long dangerous paths to fetch water

Thanks to your donations, a water well was installed in the community helping thousands like Muhammad access clean water. Access to safe drinking water reduces waterborne illnesses, leading to reduced healthcare costs. The financial strain of health issues affects economic stability and income. These benefits extend beyond individuals to the entire community, as clean water not only improves health but also saves time spent on collecting water. This time can be used toward more productive activities like work and education, enhancing economic growth and personal advancement.

For just $390, you can provide a tube well for up to four families for drinking, washing, and cooking. For $1200, you can donate a dig-a-well, serving up to 200 people.  You could also pitch in with family and friends to donate a Community Water Well which can provide clean drinkable water for up to 1000 people.

You can also donate any amount to our Safe Water Fund. 

Consider the blessings that come with donating to such an initiative, especially during the blessed month of Shaban. Looking to the future, Muhammad envisions a path of promise, one where access to clean water brings hope and vitality.


According to the World Health Organization, every year, approximately one million people die of diarrhea due to inadequate drinking water, poor sanitation, and inadequate hand hygiene. However, most of these deaths are preventable. 395,000 children under the age of five can be saved annually if appropriate measures are taken.



Here are ways you can help

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