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Sponsor an orphan for just $2 a day

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Key Facts

Almost 10,000 children are orphaned every day

Over 84 million orphans around the world have lost both parents

Around 197 million children around the world are not in education

Why Give To Orphans?

“Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan, and the wayfarer.” (Muslim)

What does your child mean to you? And how would you feel if you couldn’t be there to love, protect and guide them?

For just $60 per month, you can ensure a child receives everything they need to thrive and flourish in their communities. Our one-to-one orphan sponsorship program allows you to provide a needy child with access to education, vital health services, nutritious meals, and ongoing security and support.

We work with a wide range of communities, each with their own culture, customs, and unique challenges. Because we understand that no two situations are alike, we tailor our orphan care to the needs of each child. This versatile approach means that your child receives support exactly where and how they need it.

Who could be more deserving of our help than a child who has no one?

Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an Orphan


How does it work?

Your donation provides each orphan with:

Education & Training

Education is at the heart of our orphan care. It is the key to unlocking lasting and powerful change not only for a child, but the entire community. Every single one of our children attends school.

Welfare & Support

We provide a range of support including crucial psycho-social counselling with dedicated staff to ensure that each child is healthy and happy.

Nutrition & Health

Your sponsorship will supports your child’s everyday welfare including providing them with regular,healthy and filling meals., as well as regular medical check-ups

Q. What will you receive as an orphan sponsor?

A. Upon sponsoring a child, you will receive an orphan pack that contains information about the child and a recent picture. Thereafter you will receive an annual feedback report updating you on the child’s circumstances, their performance at school as well as a new picture.

Should you wish to be in contact with the child you are sponsoring more frequently, Muslim Hands Canada recommends sending letters. For more information on sending letters please read the question below.

You can also request an update on how your sponsored orphan is getting on by sending an email to [email protected]. Please include your donor ID and orphan ID within the email.

Q. How can I contact my sponsored orphan?

A. We recommend regular communication with your sponsored child, with letter writing being the preferred way. The process is as follows: simply attach a letter to an email, e.g. in Word, and we will get it across to the orphan carer. You should email us on [email protected] including your donor ID and orphan ID.

When the child replies with a letter, we will send it across to yourself via email. We do recommend that letters are written in simple English so that they can be communicated effectively.

Q. How long is the orphan sponsorship programme?

A. The programme ends once a child reaches 18. This means orphans will be supported until the end of their academic year (so in some instances may turn 19) so as not to cause too much disruption to their studies.

Q. How is my sponsorship money spent?

A. From the $39 a month received from your generous donations, Muslim Hands Canada sends $31.20 to the school the orphan is attending. Where the orphan goes to a non-Muslim Hands school, the orphan guardian is given the money and entrusted with ensuring the orphans needs are covered. This amount covers various aspects such as school fees, school uniforms for the year, books and stationary, medical and health checks, food and where possible, transport.

The remainder is retained at our field offices for project delivery and for future fundraising and marketing.

Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an Orphan

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