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June 6, 2024

A Disabled Father's Struggle in Yemen

Muslim Hands

In Al-Buraiqa District in Yemen, Mohammed Saeed Nasser, 46, a polio patient and a father is paralyzed from his waist down. "I'm suffering very much. I can't work or go anywhere," he says.

Mohammed has three young children aged nine, seven and three. The family lives in a cramped rented home, struggling to make ends meet, exacerbated by Mohammed's inability to work.                                                                            

The Muslim Hands Bread factory has been a lifeline for Mohammad. Because of the generosity of donors like you, Mohammed's family has access to free bread, ensuring their children don't go to bed hungry.

He is thankful to Muslim Hands and the donors for their support. "I thank the donors very much. May Allah (swt) reward them," he says. 

Since 2015, Yemen has been dealing with a humanitarian crisis that has left more than 21.6 million people in desperate need of assistance. Over 17 million Yemenis lack the means to afford food.

Our bread factories provide free bread to thousands in Yemen on the brink of starvation, especially targeting women, children, and people with disabilities. Read Najat’s story, a mother who also relies on the factory for support.

Your Gift of $100 can feed 300 people per day, $250 can feed over 750 people and $500 can feed over 1500 people.   And for $290 you can feed a child for a Year. By donating regularly, your gift will be a meal for a child for years to come in a country where hundreds of thousands of children face severe acute malnutrition – a condition that requires urgent treatment and can often be fatal.

Watch how our bread factories transform the lives of Yemenis, and the impact your Gifts of Kindness are making on innocent civilians.  Help Yemeni children and families in need.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Muslim Hands

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