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September 8, 2023

Education is Her Only Hope

Muslim Hands
Education is Her Only Hope

This girl from Niger lost both her parents. Now she has nothing to strive for but receive a quality education so she can pave a future for herself and her siblings. She’s determined to become a doctor.

Unfortunately, children like her are living in extremely challenging situations worldwide.  

A recent United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) report reveals that approximately 244 million children and youth from six to eighteen are still out of school.  And according to UNICEF, a staggering 600 million children and teens globally are not attaining the minimum proficiency levels in reading and math, even though two thirds of them are in school. This alarming reality can have disastrous ramifications on children's ability to secure jobs or start their own businesses, increasing their odds of being stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty.

But thanks to your generous donations, this girl can acquire a education, eat nutritious meals and receive the support she needs to excel in life.  Muslim Hands Schools of Excellence are purpose-built campuses with trained teachers who ensure children receive a quality education. Teacher training is at the core of our mission. By donating to our Education Fund, you will play a part in building schools, buying computers and essential school supplies, as well as and running vocational training centers.

You can also consider sponsoring an orphan for just $2 a day, and change a child’s life forever. By doing so, you will not only follow a beautiful Prophetic Sunnah, but your gift will look after all aspects of a child's well-being, from his or education and healthcare to providing emotional support and nutritious meals.

This girl is grateful for all the help she's received and is excited about her future.

Watch to see her story.

The past year presented immense challenges for children and families worldwide, the consequences reflective in 2023. It marked the third year of the most severe pandemic in a century, the worst global energy crisis since the 70s, increasing inflation rates and food insecurity, not to mention the disastrous impact of climate change, including devastating floods in Pakistan and droughts in East Africa.


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