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November 2, 2019

Healthy Water, Healthy Life!

Mohammed Jalabi
Healthy Water, Healthy Life!

Lets talk about water sanitation! 

Many of us are privileged enough to live in a country where you can just open your kitchen tap and drink away without worry. But for some that are only a dream and imagination. I remember my first time in the Middle East I filled up a cup of water from the tap during a hot summer night hoping to quench my thirst with cold water, instead I drank a nice cup of cold SAND! it surely was not as refreshing as I wanted it to be.

These are 5 ways to filter your water:


This is a reliable way to purify water. However, boiling uses fuel and could take a while. Moreover, on summer days, it is not actually appealing to drink hot water. Furthermore, you will need to filter the water to remove all solid particles especially if the water was taken from a doubtful; water source.

2. Use of Iodine solution, tablets or crystals

This is an effective and more convenient method. It is also available in different forms you will surely find one that would suit your budget. It has the ability to kill viruses and bacteria. They are lightweight and easy to use. However, it takes about thirty minutes before you can drink the treated water. It is also not suitable for pregnant women. In addition, it has an aftertaste that you might not like. Once you drop the tablet into the water container, shake the container and hold the bottle upside down and have the lid slightly unscrewed to let the iodine to flow into the threads of the bottle cap.

3. Chlorine Drops

Chlorine has the ability to kill bacteria in water. It is also lightweight, affordable, and easily accessible. You need to wait for thirty minutes before you can drink the treated water. You need to make sure not to put so many drops as it could also be poisonous if used too much.

4.  Water Filter

Water filters can remove bacteria in water. Carbon on the other hand gets rid of the chemicals and awful tastes while iodine coated screens can further remove viruses. Treated water can be consumed after the treatment and the water has no bad taste. However, they are heavier than iodine or chlorine, more costly and needs manual pumping. Also, you will need to clean the filters after the activity and at some point; you will need to replace them after treating several gallons of water.

5.  Ultraviolet Light

This looks similar to a small flashlight. You just swish it around in the water for a few minutes and the bacteria can already be killed. This is very easy to carry with you and so easy to use. However, you will need batteries to operate it and batteries could run out. Moreover, the solid particles in the water are not filtered.


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