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July 14, 2023

Clean Water: A Lifeline for Communities in Somalia

Muslim Hands

Thirty-three-year-old Fadumo Qadi Yarrow and her family from Baaqay village in Somalia lost their livestock and crops due to consecutive droughts in the country.

According to UN estimates, the drought in Somalia may have killed 43,000 people in 2022 alone, half under 5.

Fadumo's husband earns a meager income of $2, which is barely enough to sustain their family of seven. In addition to the daily challenges of surviving on such a small income, they have also had to endure the dire consequences of living without access to clean water. Clean water is a lifeline for communities in need, particularly for children who suffer from the deadly effects of consuming contaminated water and for women who must travel long distances to fetch it.

Before the drought, the family was reliant on a borehole in the village, but due to clan conflicts, the well got damaged.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Muslim Hands teams repaired the borehole and the community now has clean water. Over 2,300 people are benefitting from it, including 400 families and 745 children.  

While Fadumo is grateful for the assistance in restoring access to clean water, she still requires financial help to improve her family's situation. She has many dreams, one of which is to send her children back to school.

Approximately, 785 million people worldwide face the devastating reality of living without clean water.  Help families like Fadumo’s so they have this necessity of life.


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