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November 3, 2022

Vocational Training: Changing Women’s Lives Forever

Aine Moorad
Vocational Training: Changing Women’s Lives Forever

Mama was only seventeen when her life shattered. Amidst the conflict in the Central African Republic, she and her mother had to flee the country, bringing all her dreams to a halt. The mother-daughter fled to Mali, while the rest of the family stayed back in the war zone.

Her mother’s only income came from a small cake business. When she was lucky, she sold everything and had money left over to cover the family’s essentials and to send money back home. But often, she could only cover the bakery fee and a family dinner.

And when she didn’t have anything, the family had to eat cake for a few days. But since Mama was sponsored by Muslim Hands to attend a sewing workshop, her life changed forever. She was thrilled that her dream of becoming a seamstress was finally becoming a reality and hoped to support her family with her income.

Sewing workshops like these can also be beneficial for widows, who often face financial difficulties after their husbands pass away. Losing their sense of security and a loved one can be traumatizing, and the thought of fending for a family can bring further anxiety. Learning a skill such as sewing can not only build their self confidence, but can also provide a stable income for families.

Workshops like these benefit communities for years as women can teach these skills to others, and in turn positively impact more lives.

Your generosity and continued support have allowed women like Mama to pursue their dreams and earn a livelihood. Please continue supporting vulnerable women so they can face the world with strength and courage.

Women receive a sewing machine and material once they successfully complete training.



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