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October 6, 2022

Dirty Water: A Breeding Ground for Deadly Diseases

Aine Moorad
Dirty Water: A Breeding Ground for Deadly Diseases



Dirty water is a main stay for approximately 785 million people around the world.

Women and children from the city of Rajanpur lived this reality day in and day out. Wali Shah, storyteller, and poet together with the Muslim Hands team, were on the ground revealing the harrowing details.

They’d spend hours carrying this dirty water back to their villages, only to witness their elderly suffer from kidney diseases and their young experience severe allergic reactions.  But they needed water to survive, so they continued drinking this lethal water which was breeding all sorts of life-threatening conditions.

However, since then, kind donors like you stepped in. They decided to commit. To do whatever was in their power to change the situation of this struggling community. Their contributions helped provide them with clean water. Not only did they make Allah (swt) happy, but their efforts changed lives for hundreds of villagers.

Now, this community is thriving. Women no longer spend hours fetching dirty water, children are free from water-borne diseases and entire communities are flourishing.  But there are many more people who need clean water.

For your beloved relatives who’ve passed away, donating water is the best form of Sadaqah Jariyah, an ongoing source of charity benefiting people for years.

Gift Water, Gift Life



Through our Great Charity Gifts Program, you can donate on behalf of your loved ones who've passed away. Giving water is the best form of Sadqah Jariah. 



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