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January 26, 2021

8 Ways To Keep Warm This Winter

Cold? 8 Practical Tips On Keeping Warm This Chilly Season

1. Layer Up! 

It may be tempting to dust off your bulky winter jacket when you're feeling chilly, but did you know it's actually much more effective to wear multiple layers to keep warm? 

When you wear multiple layers, it allows for warm air to get trapped in between them, acting as an insulator! Plus, you have the added benefit of being prepared for any eventuality... if you're stuck inside all day you can adjust your wardrobe by taking off layers so you don't overheat. 

2. Stay Dry

Staying dry is the key to keeping warm in winter. Water on the surface of your skin will make you feel considerably colder, so it's best to stay dry as much as you can! This means investing in moisture-wicking fabrics for the layers that are touching your skin. It also doesn't hurt to buy outwear that's waterproof. 

3. Protect Your Core 

When we head outside and we're fumbling to cover our chilly fingers with mittens, it's easy to get preoccupied and forget about protecting our core. Make sure you wear warm layers to protect your torso as this is what will keep you from freezing! With that being said, don't forget to.. 

4. Protect The Extremities 

In severe temperatures your fingers and toes become susceptible to frostbite. To prevent this just remember, stay warm, don't get warm. It's much easier to prepare yourself for the cold weather with appropriate gloves and boots then it is trying to warm up frigid fingers and toes. Invest in quality gloves, mittens, socks and boots. To take it one step further, you can also purchase hand-warmers to stuff in your pockets and hold on to on a particularly chilly day. 

5. Stay Active 

Remember, movement helps blood circulation which will in turn keep you warm! Avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time and try to move about at least once an hour. 

6. Drink Something Warm 

Whether it's a comforting bowl of soup or a cup of hot chocolate, try to drink something warm to keep you feeling toasty. 

7. Insulate Your Home

Make sure your thermostats aren't doing overtime by replacing thin curtains and window dressings with something more bulky to improve insulation. Your heating bill will thank you! 

8. Eat! 

Making sure you're receiving all the right nutrients you need to fight off the cold and flu is super important in the winter. Not only that, but eating foods with healthy fats can help boost metabolism, which in turn warms the body. 

While we'll be preparing ourselves by buying warm clothes and winterizing our homes and vehicles, let's not forget about those who struggle to survive the toughest season of the year. Blankets, stoves, food and warm clothes can be the difference between life and death for needy families. Give generously to our winter appeal; don't leave them out in the cold. 

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