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November 30, 2020

Surviving Winter: Abdul's Story

Muslim Hands

Winter can be by far the toughest season for vulnerable families. Whether displaced through a natural disaster or striving to break out of crippling poverty - this time of year brings struggling families a host of hardships they simply cannot face alone.

In Pakistan, Abdul, and his family battle to survive the harsh winter every single day. Since losing their home and all their belongings in a landslide four years ago, Abdul’s family have been living in a makeshift tent in the mountains.

With freezing temperatures and little to protect them from the elements, they rely on your donations to keep them warm in the toughest season of the year. 

Our intervention includes the distribution of food staples like rice, lentils, flour, and oil, as well as warm blankets and clothing, tents, safe stoves, and fuel. Your donations can be a lifeline for families like Abdul's- keep them warm, keep them alive. 


Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands was established in the UK in 1993. Muslim Hands is an international aid agency and NGO working in over 50 countries worldwide to help those affected by natural disasters, conflict and poverty. Muslim Hands Canada is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (Charity Registration No. 81126 4985 RR0001).