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Provide life-saving bread to orphans, widows and people with disabilites

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‘12,000 (believers) will not be defeated for lack of numbers’. [Abu Dawud].

This beautiful du‘a of the Prophet (saw) reminds us of our duty to care for those in these blessed lands, the people who are battling famine and poverty.

Since 2014, conflict in Yemen has resulted in more than 21.6 million people requiring humanitarian assistance, with the majority being women and children. Over 17 million Yemenis lack the means to afford food for their daily needs, and 4.5 million of them are internally displaced.

The Blessed 12,000 is a campaign inspired by our Beloved (saw) who said, ‘12,000 (believers) will not be defeated for lack of numbers’. [Abu Dawud].

Just $10 a month, from 12,000 donors, will cover the running cost of our bread factory in Aden, Yemen for an entire year. It will ensure over 10,000 loaves of bread are produced everyday, feeding thousands of Yemenis. We encourage you to join our mission and help ensure ongoing support for the Blessed lands and its people.

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Fighting Famine with Our Bread Factory

Shukriya and her family face the impact of poverty, influencing their daily operations.

The constant challenge of meeting basic needs including food, clothing, and shelter, is an ongoing struggle. 

Economic difficulties, rising living expenses, and the devaluation of the currency exacerbate their hardships, forcing families to depend on social connections and community support systems for survival.

“Bread is a staple food we take for granted but in Yemen it can save lives.  For many Yemenis the bread factory will provide the only meal they will have in the day. This basic item will stop thousands of people starving.” [Abdul Rahman Hussein, Country Director Yemen Programmes]

Support our vital work in our bread factory in Aden, Yemen, feeding orphans, people with disabilities and widows.

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The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, '12,000 will come out of Aden-Abyan. They will give victory to Allah and His Messenger [saw]. They are the best of those who are between me and them.' [Ahmad]

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Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands was established in the UK in 1993. Muslim Hands is an international aid agency and NGO working in over 50 countries worldwide to help those affected by natural disasters, conflict and poverty. Muslim Hands Canada is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (Charity Registration No. 81126 4985 RR0001).