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Key Facts

3.5 million Somalis lack access to reliable, safe, clean drinking water

Nearly 800,000 people have been displaced due to severe drought in Somalia

Over 2 million livestock have been lost, leaving many without a source of income

Help Provide Aid to Families in Need

Somalia is facing the worst drought in decades, putting the lives of millions in danger

As a result of poor and inconsistent rainfall, Somalia is facing its fourth consecutive dry season, resulting in a severe drought.

The conditions brought on by the drought have resulted in a famine, plunging nearly 6 million Somalis into food insecurity.

Over 1 million children are acutely malnourished, and humanitarian aid is urgently needed to provide critical assistance to families in need.

In addition to Maternal health clinics and ongoing water projects, our teams are on the ground delivering emergency food supplies and water tankers in displacement camps and surrounding areas.

At this critical time, every donation can save lives. Give now.

Life in an IDP Camp: Boolo's Story

Boolo and her family joined her brother in a camp for internally displaced people in Mogadishu from lower Shabeellle. 

Boolo was forced to relocate after the drought had dried up her stock and killed her livestock, eliminating her only sources of income. 

Before settling in the camp, the family tried to earn a living farming other people's land in a small village 8 KM away, but the drought dried up their work and eventually, they had no other choice but to seek humanitarian assistance. 

Boolo now works as a domestic worker, earning less than $3/day as she struggles to put food on the table for her family. 

The situations in IDP camps in Mogadishu are dire - people like Boolo face every day without some of their most basic needs being met. 

Your Zakat and Sadaqah can help provide life-saving food and clean water to families in desperate need, as well as contribute to sustainable solutions to lift families like Boloo's out of poverty. 

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Provide life-saving assistance to needy families

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