Ethiopian Refugee Emergency


Help refugees in Sudan through this crisis

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Key Facts

One million refugees

are already hosted by Sudan from other African countries

Over 3,2000 Ethiopians

are fleeing to Sudan daily, and the number could be much higher

Up to 200,000 people

could flee from Ethiopia to Sudan, over the next six months

Serve Ethiopia like the Prophet (saw) did

Since the beginning of November, at least 45,000 Ethiopian refugees have fled to Sudan, escaping the recent outbreak of conflict in the Tigray State. They are seeking refuge from violence, bombing and shelling, leaving everything behind to survive.

Many of them have lost loved ones, or been separated from their families in the chaos. Half of these refugees are children, and there are also many pregnant women, elderly people, and people which chronic illnesses. They are sleeping out in the open, with little to no access to water, sanitation, and medical care.

The UN has warned that this influx of refugees could trigger a humanitarian crisis. Resources are already stretched in Sudan, which was struck by record-breaking flooding earlier this year, and is already millions of refugees and displaced people.

The people of Ethiopia are particularly special to us, as they were once served by the Prophet (saw) himself:

Once a delegation from Ethiopia arrived in Madinah and the Prophet (saw) stood up and began serving them. His companions said that they would look after them, but the Prophet (saw) insisted, ‘Indeed, they were generous to our companions, and I would love to repay them’. [Baihaqi]

Our team is on the ground distributing vital relief to Ethiopian refugees, including basic foods like dry corn and lentils, as well as hygiene supplies and PPE. You can follow these emergency distributions on our social media.

Give now to help Ethiopian refugees in Sudan get through the worst of the crisis.

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