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January 14, 2020

How A Tube Well Transformed A Community In Pakistan

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Access to safe water and adequate sanitation facilities are the fundamental right of every human being. Yet thousands of people in remote areas of Pakistan lack access to these basic services. Domar Khan who lives with his family in the village of Killi Ghaberba, knows how much access to clean, safe drinking water can change your life. 

Domar works in agriculture, as do all the men in his community. Farmers need a dependable source of water yet the closest water facility is a contaminated water canal over 5 KM away. 

The task of hauling heavy containers back to the village often falls on women and children, who then spend less time making a living and attending school. Though drinking the contaminated water made Domar and his community sick, they were left with little choice.

After being gifted a tube well that will serve over 70 people in his community, Domar has seen what a difference clean water makes: 

Children are staying in school, men and women have more time to spend on earning a living for their families, and less of their wages are spent on medicine and healthcare for their families.

A word of thanks from the community: “We are thankful for your donation and it is a great act of “sadaqah jariyah” (continuous charity) to dig a well; to bring this critical source of life to us who have water supply problems and don’t have easy access to it.”

Just $350 changed the lives of 70 people forever! Just imagine how far your Sadaqah will go in helping those who need it the most. 


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