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January 17, 2021

New This Week: Winter Distributions, Teacher Training & More

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It has been a busy start to the new year for the Muslim Hands teams around the world. Here is a small snippet showing the huge difference your donations are making on the ground.  


A young boy receives a box full of winter supplies as part of our Surviving Winter distribution drive in Pakistan.
Most of our Surviving Winter beneficiaries have been women, who receive nonperishable food items to help them stay home and safe from the Coronavirus.
Our teams braved the bitter cold to conduct a a needs assessment of families living in a remote regions. This way, we ensure that beneficiaries receive the help that they need and not what we think they do.
A young boy grins from ear to ear after receiving a warm blanket as part of our Surviving Winter Appeal. It means that this winter, he and his brothers and sisters will be warm and protected from the biting cold.
Young women in a remote areas of Pakistan take part in a teacher training programme. Once completed, these ladies will be able to earn a decent living working in the local school and will be able to support their families financially.
A small boy guards his box of winter supplies. As well as a warm blanket, there box is packed with food items and plenty of warm clothes and shoes.
A mother and her daughter receive their winter supplies to help them get through the freeing nights, where temperatures tend to fall well below zero.
Our teams have been working around the clock to ensure as many as families as possible receive a winter survival kit. No body goes home empty handed.
Trainee teachers learn about different teaching styles as part of a in depth lecture.
A wheelbarrow is the only way for this little boy to get this winter supplies to his home. His families are too poor to own a car or take public transport.

Stay tuned to see more of the work we've been up to! We'll make sure to keep you updated week by week. If you'd like to see more in the meantime, check us out on Instagram or Facebook. 

May Allah (swt) reward you all for your support and mercy. Our work is only possible through your du’as and donations. Please keep us in your prayers!

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