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Give an emergency food parcel to a family in Yemen and help feed them for the month of Ramadan. 

Give to our bread factory and provide bread to over 160 people in need. 

This Ramadan
Save Lives in Yemen

Save Lives In Yemen

Yemen Emergency Fund

Give to our Yemen Emergency Fund and directly support critical projects on the ground including food distributions, school meals for children, medical clinics, water wells, and more.

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Give To Our Bread Factory

We have established a bread factory in Aden and Ma’rib, which feeds thousands of people every day. For just $100 you can help provide 1,400 loaves of bread to 700 people. Give now to help us combat growing hunger and famine in Yemen.

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Feed School Children

Nearly 2 million Yemeni children are severely malnourished.

For less than $300, you can provide a child in Yemen with nutritious school meals for the academic year.

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Yemen: A Country In Crisis

Yemen is in a state of catastrophe. A place where men, women and children are being robbed of their futures everyday.

Hunger is also raging across the country, leading to unprecedented levels of people living without life’s necessities. Approximately, 17 million people are food insecure in Yemen. Every ten minutes, a child is dying from preventable causes. Not to mention, closure of hospitals and schools, which has further impacted people’s psychological and physical state.

Our teams on the ground are providing water, food, blankets, tents, and medical supplies to people in need, but this Ramadan we need to ramp up our efforts so we reach as many Yemenis as possible.

May your Sadaqah and Zakat be a source of blessing for you. May the rewards of your good deeds this Ramadan elevate your status in this life and the hereafter. Be their hope this Ramadan.

The Situation in Yemen

Every 10 minutes, a child dies of preventable causes

10 million people are living with extreme hunger

19.7 million lack access to basic healthcare

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‘Truly, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him’.

[The Noble Qur’an, 3:159]

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