Turkiye Earthquake


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Key Facts

Over 46,000 people have been killed

100+ powerful aftershocks have been reported

Tens of thousands are left homeless

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‘Whoever brought his brother out of a distress, Allah will bring him out of one of the distresses of the Day of Resurrection’. (Bukhari)

Over 20,000 people in Turkiye and Syria have been killed following two devastating earthquakes, reducing houses and buildings to rubble. The death toll is expected to climb as rescue operations continue.

The first earthquake struck Gaziantep, a Turkish city, 150 miles away from the Turkey-Syria border. Twelve hours later, a second earthquake hit the Elbistan district in Turkey’s Kahramanmaras province. Tremors have been felt as far as away as Cyprus, Lebanon, and Israel.

As families are grappling with this disaster, they need immediate assistance. With heavy snowfall reported in many regions, Muslim Hands teams in Turkey are in a race against time to provide emergency shelter, water, food, and medical supplies to those affected.

Give your Sadaqah and Zakat today to provide lifesaving essentials to your brothers and sisters in this time of immense hardship.

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