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April 8, 2019

What is WASH?

Discovering The Impact of Simple Practices

This month you may have seen us use the term WaSH pretty frequently and you may be wondering what it means.

Well, WaSh stands for water, sanitation and hygiene. Because they are interdependent issues, they have been linked together to represent a growing collective concern for developing countries

Inadequate sanitation and hygiene are a growing cause for concern and contribute to the rising health concerns in developing nations around the world. The most significant being the prevalence of diarrhoeal disease, which is the second biggest cause of death amongst children under five (killing 760,000 every year). 


Poor WaSH conditions continue to be one of the world’s most urgent issues, and improvements to WaSH are necessary to meet development goals, improve health, reduce child mortality, improve gender equality, and, reduce poverty.

The impacts of dirty water and poor sanitation and hygiene are far-reaching. Building a well is about more than just giving communities access to clean water. 

If we give people access to clean water and improve sanitation and hygiene in communities it leads to less illness and death. Subsequently, child mortality rates go down and children are able to go to school. This means that the community will have an educated youth with a bright future who will, in turn, be able to help lift the entire community out of poverty. This is just one of the ways improving WaSH conditions can transform an entire community.

At Muslim Hands we understand the importance and impact in improving these services and that’s why much of our work focuses on safe water projects like community latrines, wells dug deep to stay contamination free, underground water storage tanks and even educational seminars to promote simple but effective hygiene practices.  


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